Simple and powerful features!

We design and build each feature to make as easy to use as possible. Use the full potential of to help you and save time while organizing your events.

Step #1: Simple start

Create event

Simply start with new event. Make event description, assign to customer, specify arrival and departure time, material, required count of stuff with right skills, salary and other information.

Step #2: Time to prepare event

Prepare all for event

Confirm stuff, check your material (inventory), discuss  about details and prepare all for event. Everything in one place.

Step #3: Finish event

After successful event

Write feedback, discuss about event, confirm timesheets of stuff (brand ambassador), export reports for salaries, etc. saves time, energy and money 

Use just one feature or entire system.


  • CRM

  • Assign tasks

  • See history

  • Upload documents

  • and more


  • Choose staff

  • Check material

  • Assign tasks

  • Upload documents

  • and more


  • Filter by skills

  • Salary report

  • See history

  • Upload documents

  • and more



File storage


Much more